Audit Guarantee

Our Audit Guarantee is simple:

“If you get audited on one of our tax returns we will pay for a lawyer to attend the tax audit.”

This one of a kind guarantee was started when our company founder Emma J. Hilton, Esq. saw firsthand the difference her clients received when an attorney attended an audit verses a tax professional from one of those other companies. How do we do this? A portion of every tax return fee is put aside in our attorneys trust account to accommodate the anticipated cost of the Audit Guarantee.


Can I pick the Attorney?
No. Part of way we can keep our prices economical is by being able to negotiate with attorneys on a volume basis.

What are my responsibilities?
You must contact our office immediately when you get the any correspondence from the IRS. The letters have rights associated with them and it is our responsibility to inform us of an audit in a timely manner.

Will a Lawyer help with all correspondence from the IRS?
No. As must IRS correspondence does not result in an actual audit However without examining the letter we cannot determine this.

What is the charge?
As long as we prepared the return and the audit is not a result of deceit or fraud on your part we will pay the Lawyers fees incurred in attending the audit or responding to the IRS correspondence.

What if I owe money after the Audit to the IRS?
You are responsible for that money unless you purchased safety net at the time you return was prepared.

What if the Audit results in returns not prepared by you being audited?
Then you will have the choice as to whether you want to hire that attorney to help with that return, but HTA Tax Prep will not be paying that fee.

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